Superorganizers & Divinations have merged!

We’re now part of Everything

Big announcement this Sunday:

Superorganizers and Divinations have merged, are now officially part of a single bundle publication: Everything!

Substack built us some nifty functionality to effectively merge our newsletters into one parent publication, while still retaining Superorganizers and Divinations as independent newsletters under the Everything umbrella.

That means you’ll still get emails from Superorganizers and Divinations separately, and you’ll only get emails for newsletters you were previously subscribed to. The main change is that now, our subscribers are automatically entitled to access everything (heh) that’s in the bundle.

This is a much cleaner system than before, so that’s great. But more importantly, it enables us to create something new we couldn’t be more excited about:

What is Everything?

We hope to make Everything the #1 home for business writing on the internet, starting with a focus on productivity and strategy.

Our plan is to keep adding high-quality newsletters into the bundle while keeping our prices the same — thanks to the magic of bundle economics.

We’ve got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline we think you’re going to love :) 

What does that mean for you

You’re currently on the free list, which means in the past two weeks you missed posts such as Nathan’s Kernel Strategies, which is a better, less product-centric approach to building new businesses than “MVP” thinking, and Dan’s Weekly Priority Sheet, which is a simple way to identify and prioritize your most important weekly goals, while simultaneously ensuring nothing important slips through the cracks in other areas of your life. In sum, we’re nearing 100 evergreen subscriber-only posts in the library.

And we’re just getting started.

And now, a digest of everything we published this week…

Hello and happy Sunday!

This week, we published three new articles totaling ~3,700 words. We took a closer look at what it means to wield power responsibly in business, the value of leaving yourself breadcrumbs, and what Curated can bring to the online retail experience.



🔮 What good is strategy right now?

It’s been a turbulent week, to say the least, and going about business as usual feels wrong. How do we talk about market power and strategy without acknowledging the systemic disadvantages imposed on black Americans by corporations? The short answer: We can’t. In this introspective essay, Nathan Baschez ruminates on how businesses can use their power for good and pave the way for the next generation.
(♥ 24)

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⚡️ Organize Your Week with the Weekly Priority Sheet

Not all to-do list items are created equal, so why shouldn’t your to-do list itself reflect that? You’d be surprised at how much more you can get done when you start prioritizing your tasks effectively. Dan Shipper offers up a game-changing host of productivity hacks in this piece, including his three-step Weekly Priority Sheet.
(♥ 10)

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📐 Curated: a three-sided marketplace

When purchasing big-ticket items online, sometimes you just need customized, expert advice that you can’t find through a Google search. That’s where Curated comes in—the startup was created as a way to merge the knowledge and expertise of a salesperson with the convenience and ease of online shopping. But how well do the numbers add up in this three-sided-marketplace model bringing together brands, buyers, and expert salespeople? Adam Keesling explores the risks and rewards.
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🌀 The Myth Of Blackness In Venture

Venture capital, like many fields, has a diversity problem—and the solution goes much deeper than calling out for more black hires. Reggie James (@HipCityReg) turns a critical eye to the assumptions placed on black people in tech, as well as what needs to change in VC to truly ensure a fair and diverse playing field. It’s an honest, candid read from a perspective not highlighted enough.

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⚡️ The Man Who Reads 1,000 Articles a Day

There are few people more qualified to recommend you a good read than Robert Cottrell. Here, he walks you through his incredibly streamlined process of selecting his five best articles of the day for his newsletter The Browser, and shares the three characteristics that help a piece stand the test of time. Come for the article-devouring, stay for the AI algorithm.
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⚡️ The Lucky Ones

With quarantine due to COVID-19 still very much a part of our lives, it’s been easy to succumb to the monotony of confinement. This piece by Dan, interspersed with a recounting of Isaac Newton’s own quarantine experience, is a much-needed reminder that daring to experiment with our daily habits and routines can not only make us smarter, but also more in touch with our humanity.
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That’s it for this week! 

Thanks, and see you next Sunday :)